Child Abuse (DaddyOFive)

Before I start writing this post, I just want to say- I don’t mean to insult or hurt anyone’s feelings. These are only my concerns about the children going to be mentioned below.

DaddyOFive is youtube channel of a father who vlogs his daily life, mainly him and his wife pranking their kids. These pranks seem to be targeted specifically to their youngest son Cody, who seems to be not more than six or seven years.  I know many think that pranking family is sign of a healthy family. Trust me what this family does is no where close to healthy. Philip DeFranco has made a bunch of videos, showing that the child has undergone not only verbal but also physical abuse. Before we go deeper into this, here are some signs.

Signs of abuse (Mayo Clinic)

  • Withdrawal from ususal activities and friends
  • Changes in behaviour – aggresion, anger, hostility or even hyperactivity
  • Anxiety, depression, unsual fears, loss of self-esteem
  • Rebellious behaviour

Parental Behaviour (Mayo Clinic)

  • Shows little concern for the child
  • Appears unable to recognize physical or emotional distress in the child
  • Denies that any problems exist at home or school, or blames the child for the problems
  • Consistently blames, belittles or berates the child and describes the child with negative terms
  • Uses harsh physical discipline
  • Offers conflicting or unconvincing explanations for a child’s injuries or no explanation at all

Philip DeFranco who is also a fellow youtuber made videos about this family and their youtube channel. He talks about social, political and cultural issues on youtube. He starts his video by saying that it all started, ‘innocent’ and ‘cute’. He thought it was cool that they were pranking eachother. It was supposed to be a simple prank, the mom was to spill invisible ink all over the bedroom and blame Cody for doing it. But as the prank proceeds, it doesn’t seem like a prank. The parents start shouting and swearing at the kid and when he denies of having anything to do with that, they accuse him of lying. Clearly they know that he hasn’t done anything, yet he was shouted at until he hysterically starts crying.

There is that video-

In that video Philip DeFranco explains that some people called the parents abusive and some just said they were shitty parents and some totally were fine with this. The parents replied to the audiance by saying that they were just having some family time and they are one of those crazy familes. The kids even say that at their parents are not beating them up in a video posted by them. That’s a pretty low bar to compare. There’s a thing, maybe their children actually are being abused and they don’t know what being abused means because that’s all they have known. The parents go so far calling the audiance the problem, calling them jealous and accusing them of being dramatic. Like Philip has said in the video, I hope they understand that it is not hatred or jealousy just concer for their kid, which according to me, they clearly don’t have.

When we look deeper into the history of the channel, we can see that Cody, is targeted more than the rest. We can usually say when someone is faking a reaction, but whatever Cody goes through seems legit and Cody clearly not a fan. Philip said in the video they ‘apologize’ the kids say that they get a lot of cool stuff because of having a youtube channel, it seems like the kids are being bribed, distracted from the fact that they are being abused. The kid, Cody, is obviously being abused by his older brother Jake too. One of the clips show Jake pinning down Cody and his father kicking him in the nuts. Other clip shows Jake breaking Cody’s tablet by hitting it on the wall while Cody cried hysterically and another Jake dragging him down a chair and hitting him, kicking him. There is a clip of Cody getting hit on the head by his brother Jake. In the tablet video there is part where his dad kicks Cody into a bookshelf, his head directly into the shelf. Later in the video there was blood on Cody’s face, showing physical abuse. When Cody clearly doesn’t want to be filmed, he is. In another clip, his mom says, “Take a joke! You’re the only one in the house who can’t take a joke and got to act like a butthole.”

In one of the clips, Cody obviously angry and tired of being pranked yells at his dad, showing signs of anger and rage. He then refuses to go out and play which seems like a usual behaviour for him as his dad asks him. He then again, refuses. Change in behaviour, again a listen sign. The abuse doesn’t stop there. There is a second video in which Philip continues the story.

Since most of the news blogs have picked up on it, the father officially released an ‘apology.’  Here’s their apology-

This is not even an apology as they deny doing anything wrong at all! They deny having abused their kid.


In Philip’s second video he discusses their new video along with the so called apology. Their new video is about going to disneyland and they are not taking Cody. As mentioned above a sign, ‘no concern’ and ‘strict disciplinary action.’ According to them, Cody deserves it as he pooped on all over. Doesn’t this seem a little weird as to why a kid would poop everywhere other than his washroom? Some child psychologists suggested that this was a side affect of PTSD, depression, OCD and anxiety in children. When they feel like they have no control over their life anymore, they seem to leave fecies wherever they feel like to show or feel like they have at least some control on their lives. It also expresses feelings like anger, helpnessness, powerlessness and frustration. This clearly shows he suffers with PTSD and that they are abusive of him. As Philip said in his video, it does not help that his mom’s reaction was- “I wish he would behave himself and act like a normal kid.”

How could she say that when she is one of the reason as to why her kid is in pain, he is having problems, real problems when this women calls him abnormal. They act like they haven’t done anything. This goes on and Philip posted two more videos about this issue and about two more videos posted by the family. The third video he posts is the most disturbing one. In that video, he shows a clip from a deleted video of DaddyOFive where they play a game. In the game they flip a bottle and if it doesn’t stand tall when it lands one kid can slap the other kid. In this video, the daughter is slapped really hard by one of her brothers.

I hate this the most because in this video, they are showing the world that it is okay to for a sibling to slap another sibling. I know fighting is normal for siblings but this isn’t. Here a parent is allowing their kid to slap another of their kid and letting them get away with it even if it hurt the other. It’s like telling kids no matter who you hit, you will get away with it. In the third video they say that most of what they do is all graphic and some of them are even scripted and that Cody is a great actor. I really hope that is true but from what we see it doesn’t seem so. For a moment lets imagine that it is true, this is all scripted but still what they show is promoting violence. It shows you can do whatever you want to whoever you want regardless of the affect it has on others.

Here’s the third video-

In the fourth and final video of this series, the family seems to have actually apologized. As Philip said in that video it looks more like they just wanted to get over and done with their feud with the internet and just did it for the sake of doing it. Many argue that they have lied so many times in the past why believe them now? Some even say they are getting investigated by CPS and also have been going to a family therapist.

Here’s the fourth and final video-

I’m writing this post not only for Cody but also for many other children such as Cody who are going through abuse. We can only hope that Cody is going to be fine and that CPS will do something about it. Meanwhile there are so many children who are waiting for someone to hear their muffles screams, there are still a lot of kids being abused. This is for them too.  There are people who see children getting abused and turn a blind eye towards. Don’t do that. Stop it now. Wouldn’t you want to saved if you were a kid and you were being abused? This post is a cry for help from all those children who are being abused and cannot do anything about. Child abuse is still a serious problem in this world.

If we can prevent children from getting abused then let’s do it now! Save the kids who are going through the same thing! Save the kids from becoming another Cody! Yes, there are people who who have achieved great things despite being abused, but there are also a lot of people who have been turned into monsters. Yes, everyone has to bear the rain for the rainbow but that  rain also can destroy the crops and take your life by drowning you if it rains more heavily. There were people arguing on the net that this only made him stronger, no it might have also caused him a permanent scar from which he will never heal. Abuse isn’t the answer to anything,  not even making a kid stronger. Kids are the this world’s future, they are our tomorrow, let’s not abuse and them and turn them into  something that they are not.

Share this, so you can get Cody justice, share this so you can get all children like Cody justice. Most of all share this so there won’t be another Cody.

PS – again, I don’t mean to offend anyone, just trying to spread awareness and prevent it from happening again. These may as well be just allegations, but I don’t believe they are so this is only my concern and my point of view.  This is only meant to spread awareness and vail justice.















































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  1. DO i even need to tell you anything !!!! What you have written is the the brutal truth that everyone needs to understand .
    What happened to cody shouldn’t happen to anyone ! Pranks shouldn’t be done to hurt someone and what they did is truly wrong !! Hats off to you for written this !!

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  2. Reblogged this on Mirageofagirl and commented:
    Such powerful and touching words written by a girl …not just any girl but one whom i truly love and one who has touched many hearts with her words.. She is a beautiful person who has gone through a lot and emerged stronger than eve…and inspirational writer… read even one of her works and you will forever be changed cause that’s how she is …she leaves an impresion in all those lives that she touches !!!! and this is a true example

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  3. I need you to write another post !!! i have been waiting for so long for another inspiration from you !!! I miss you dearly !!! so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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