Daily Prompt: Fortune

Daily Prompt: Fortune

“Fortune?”, I asked laughing. “Have you gone crazy, Amanda? There is nothing called fortune.”

“Well, how do you know that there is nothing called fortune? Have you known it, Nat? I think you have. What you have not know is misfortune, bad luck.” Amanda said, defensively. I have know Amy for three years now. Funny, how we met. She came to work with my dad, he is a great editor and owns the best media companies. Amanda has something in her, a journalistic spark which needed recongnization. We work side by side, we are collegues now and really good friends.

“Don’t be that person, Amy, you of all people know that we need to work for what we want. Nothing comes easy to us, nothing ever comes easy to anyone. We thrive and fight for gaining recognization. Only hardwork ever gets you somewhere.” I snapped back.

“I never disagreed with the part where hardwork plays an important role, but think of it this may- there are many people out there that work hard, so very much but don’t get recognization. There are hundreds of people out there, who might be so much better at our work than we are. But they don’t make it on top despite their hardwork, someone else gets it. It is so discouraging for them and you writing a negative article about miracles happening, isn’t going to help them, Natasha! They will give up, we need to show them that miracles do happen and they just need to believe and keep working harder.” She said, with eyes tearing up. “Not everyone has got your fortune and luck.”

I lost it, “How dare you! You know I have worked hard to get here! You know I have had to prove it over and over to my father that I am capable! Being his youngest daughter, I shouldn’t had any of this! You know I had to show how capable I am to be here today. You know I am better than Nathan, Mick and Lisa! You knowt hat, Amy, then why would you say such a thing? This is why I don’t believe in fortune. Everybody thinks everything comes easy to me, good college, job, anything I want. That is a lie, no one knows if I hadn’t got a scholarship, if my siblings hadn’t, dad probably wouldn’t have paid our education. Nothing ever comes because of luck, sweetheart, wake up. Go print that article right now!” I snapped, with disbelief and disappointment.

“Do you know what I did before this, Nat? Did you know why your dad wouldn’t hire me, even with all my qualifications? I wasn’t up to his standards, that’s exactly what said to me. He didn’t want someone like me bring to down his company’s name. My mother was suffering with leukima, I needed the money for her treatment and for my college. I have done odd jobs, been a cleaner, a nanny, a valet parking driver, a taxt driver, a bartender. Anything and everything that could pay my fee and buy my mother her medication. The only work experiance I had was an internship given to me by this weird magazine company, on recomendation of my teacher. That is all he could do for me, which I am greatful for. I graduated at twenty-three, two years I went job hunting, no one would would give me job because of my background. The day I came here, my mother passed away, in the hospital, before I could tell her I got a job. I got this job because you walked into that room that, because you saw the tears in my eyes, if you hadn’t walked in that day I would have given up, Nat. You were my miracle and I want people to believe that miracles like this can happen and they shouldn’t be giving up.I believe in fortune because of you, funny you don’t. I believe in everything because you believed in me. ” She said, wiping her tears. She started walking out the door when I called for to come back.

“Where do you think you are going?” I asked

“To print this article you wrote.”

“Put that in the bin and write me your best. I want it in two hours, or I will print my stipid article.” I said with a smile on my face. Her face lit up like a christmas tree and tears found their way back to her eyes. “Don’t cry again.” She wiped her tears, muttered a thank you and went out of my office. I leaned back in my chair and let my tears flow down. Fortune against hardwork, fortune wins, but of course with the help of hardwork. This woman, has something in her. She will reach great heights, I thought to myself. She does leave litte bit of glitter everywhere she goes. She is a rainbow with colors showing hope.

Her article about fortune and miracles, made everyone’s christmas. That article was a christmas miracle, my dad was happy that it made our company look better, my collegues were happy to optimism around, everyone who read it had hope. It was probably one of the best gifts they got, hope in miracles. And me, I opened myself and allowed the warmth reach my cold cold soul.



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